• Terence Gilbert

Welcome to The Habit Breaker Blog!

Here I'll be exploring issues around porn addiction. I'll be looking at the science and the psychology of why we are drawn to erotica, and why some people get hooked. I'll also be looking at the effect of porn on mental health, and the physical changes that occur in the brain when we watch regularly.

That's right - I said 'we'. I used to have a problem with porn myself. It took me a long time to break the habit as I had no strategy or support. It was a particularly lonely time. I had a relationship break down and watching porn became my coping mechanism. I fell into a downward spiral. I hated myself for screwing up my relationship - I hated myself for using porn.

That was seven years ago. I'm now a happily married therapist and coach. It's no longer a problem for me. I can help you break the habit too.